Our Four Simple Words Dialogues are 1:1 conversations with leaders about the word ‘serving’ and how it relates to their work and world. These 60-minute dialogues are free-flowing Zoom sessions where Curt gets to have deep and meaningful conversations with really smart people. #LuckyGuy

Here’s the fun part: we only pick half the conversation! We are interested in exploring what it means to be in service to others and ask our Dialogue guest to choose the context of our conversation with a topic/issue that is meaningful to them. What does that look like? Anything you want! Let’s not shy away from hard conversations. The goal here is to learn and grow our collective insights on the rewards and risks of serving others.

Click this link to book a time and confirm a dialogue topic. You will get a notice to carve that time out in your calendar. On that special day, we will Zoom and record the session. When we are done Curt write a blog post about your reflections that you and Four Simple Words can share with our respective networks. And, depending on how adventurous the Four Simple Words team is feeling we might even launch a Four Simple Words Podcast with a few of these conversations as starters. 

We are on a journey to share the benefits of Service Leadership. We hope you will add your voice to our efforts to change how we think about leading teams, communities and organizations.

How can we be of service?

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