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With 20+ years of experience working with non-profit, social service and small businesses, Curt and Lakhdeep have walked alongside and supported hundreds of leaders and teams in times of consolidation, expansion, crisis and renewal. Our goal with each relationship has been to add practical value through active listening, share honest insights and problem-solve collaboratively.

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Fit Matters

Successful coaching demands two things: interest and fit. For you and us.

Interest is critical because individual and group coaching can only be successful when everyone is self-motivated and the sessions have a clear and specific focus. If teams are not interested or ready for honest conversations, it is a waste of everyone’s time and money. Our free 15 min coaching assessment is a chance for you (and us) to ensure that this financial and emotional investment in coaching is going to be well spent. 

The second key component for successful coaching is fit. That is why we always book a single hour-long session before committing to more to allow you and our coaches to make sure there is a foundation for an honest, engaging and productive relationship. At the end of this first session, you (and our coaches) can have an open and guilt-free conversation if more sessions will help you achieve your goals. If yes, we look forward to serving you again. If not, we will be happy to introduce you to others in our network who might be of service.

All our coaching sessions focus on the future by taking some time to understand the past. Unlike consulting which is about finding the right answers, successful coaching is having the courage to ask the right questions (us) and even more courage to share honest answers (you). 

Our SERVE Coaching Model

Our coaching is an extension of our passion for understanding service and being clear with what we are in service to. Our approach to coaching is similar to the GROW model and is based on conversation, honesty and playing to strengths. Focused on SERVEing, these are some of the questions that we ask during our coaching conversations. 


What is the context around you and the conversation you want to have? What has led to where you are what has your role been in those decisions? 


What is currently feeding you positive emotional and physical energy? What is draining your energy? What (small or big changes) can we make to ensure your battery has a consistent flow of positive power? 


What learning have you gained from your journey? What parts of the story do you naturally focus on and why? What narratives do we need to reframe to better channel your energy and focus?


What matters to you? What are you really in service to today and what do you want to be in service to in the future? How will your values guide the next steps you want to make? How will you know when they are not?


What do next steps look like, how do you want to be held accountable and how will you deal with barriers and setbacks? How can you clearly define success and what else do you need to authentically embrace the (big or small) evolution you want to make?

Our team participated in three DiSC Catalyst sessions with Pearl Street Communications. Curt created an engaging and safe space where our team felt comfortable openly talking about our different work personality types. The sessions set an important foundation where we learned that “different is good.” The amazing thing is, it’s now one year later and our team is still actively reflecting on and using learnings on a daily basis. At year-end reviews, many individuals celebrated how they have grown thanks to these learnings. It’s been an important part of rebuilding a positive team culture, communication and collaboration after the pandemic.

Glenna Banda, Executive Director
United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin

Curt took what could have been a very difficult session and turned it into a learning opportunity for everyone. He created a safe place where people felt comfortable to voice their opinions and know they were being heard.

Karyn Racher, Director of Development
4-H Ontario

Curt led our strategic planning session and provided us with the guidance we needed to create our plans. We left the session feeling prepared and empowered to work through and execute our strategic plans in a way that was organic to the agency and not adding a burden of work to the team. Curt was methodical and intentional about what we planned to get out of the session and he executed it professionally and in a way that was both engaging and fun! Thank you Curt.

Pam Stumpf, Board Chair, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Centre Wellington

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