SERVICE LEADERSHIP is a new way of thinking about how we look after ourselves, support those around us and inspire meaningful change, all at the same time. For individuals it allows us to build win-win relationships grounded in equity. For organizations and systems, Service Leadership is a call to action to build cultures that are focused on truly understanding and meeting needs.

These initial ideas around Service Leadership are the result of 10 months of research, dialogue, thinking and input. And while we have had hundreds of voices contribute to our learning, we need more. We hope that you will share your thoughts on Service Leadership 1.0 and help us grow it into a leadership platform that is accessible for people from all corners of our community.  How can we partner to explore what it means to serve in your world? Drop us a note at [email protected] or use the form on the right.

Looking for a conference speaker or facilitator? We’ve got an idea…

As a professional trainer and facilitator, our Chief Learning Officer, Curt Hammond has been engaging large and small audiences for over 20 years. His own speaking prowess has been described as everything from average to meh. You can see Curt in action as a speaker here, during his MoMondays Guelph talk in March 2020 and the many Forums we have run since.

Are you looking for a thoughtful and genuine speaker at your event to explore the power of servant leadership and how it can change organizational cultures? Drop Curt at a note in the form to the right with the date, location and goal of your talk. We’ll get back to you with some ideas on how Curt can help your meeting or conference not suck. Much. 

About Curt

Curt is personally and professionally based in the beautiful village of Elora Ontario. He is the very lucky husband of Melanie and a super proud dad to Sky and Jay. (Shameless plug: follow Sky and his #TeenyTinyStories on Facebook and Twitter).

When he’s not talking or thinking about Service Leadership, Curt is the Chief Listening Officer at Pearl Street Communications, leading the team of marketing, facilitation, training and coaching professionals passionate about #ChangeMaking work. He has yet to encounter a whiteboard he did not feel an immediate connection with.

Follow Curt on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and share your Servant Leadership stories with #The4SimpleWords

Just in case you need it, you can download a picture of Curt here. Download a copy of Curt’s Four Simple Word intro here. You can download the three acknowledgements that Curt uses at the start of all our Four Simple Words sessions here. Click here to see Curt sharing the Four Simple Words land acknowledgement and a personal acknowledgement.

Thanks to the teams at PearlStreet, Write Design and Barking Dog Studios for their help and support of Thanks to the engagement professionals at Bang The Table for their help with

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