Deconstructing Power & Building Communities of Service

Welcoming our Inclusion Facilitator, Lakhdeep Singh Dhaliwal to the Four Simple Words team.

This is a story about two handsome (just ask them!) and energetic people-people.

For 20 years Lakhdeep Singh Dhaliwal has been building his leadership and experiences as a DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) professional. He has worked in large and small organizations across North America opening minds and hearts in classrooms, shop floors and board rooms. He is gifted in his ability to invite large and small groups into hard conversations about inclusion with grace, joy and humour. Through his knowledge, learning and curiosity, Lakhdeep’s focus has been to help organizations understand and reimagine power.

For the same time (ok, maybe a little longer) Curt Hammond has been on a journey to help organizations find mission clarity through effective strategy and communication plans that don’t suck. He has facilitated thousands of meetings, created and led a lot of initiatives (some of them a success!) and has helped organizations share their story. While he didn’t recognize it early on, throughout his career Curt has tried to model, understand and share his passion for being in service.

Fast forward to the present day and these two friends and fan club presidents (for the other, not their own) have struck upon a wild idea. What if they aligned their callings and combined their wonder twin powers to focus on two things: 1) help organizations deconstruct systems of power so they 2) can create communities of service? As the 80’s consultants would say, that’s synergy!

DEI Training

Read about The Power of DEI our Maslow-based and adult learner-designed training that will open eyes, hearts and minds.

Service & DEI

Read about our approach to DEI and why we believe that people aren’t the inclusion barrier to focus on. Systems are.

Lakhdeep Singh Dhaliwal

Lakhdeep has a passion for (and proven success in) leadership around leading change management focused on anti-racism, human rights and equity. He has worked with school boards and dozens of public and private organizations across North America. Lakhdeep has coached leaders in large and small organizations including Shell Petroleum Global Solutions, YMCA Canada, Crown-Indigenous Relations Northern Affairs Canada, Halton Regional Police Service, the City of Cambridge, Oregon Institute of Technology, and Parks Canada. All his work is focused on promoting dignity and respect for everyone.

Curt Hammond

Curt wears lots of hats and some of them even fit. At Four Simple Words he leads our efforts to share the power of service and how it can heal ourselves, our organizations and our communities. As a professional trainer and facilitator with over 20 years of experience, Curt has led and created space for change with hundreds of local, national and international organizations. His facilitation has been described as everything from average to meh. Curt is relentlessly focused on audiences and simplifying (but not diminishing!) messages. No matter the role, Curt has yet to encounter a whiteboard he did not feel an immediate and personal connection with.

Our commitment to equity shows through our volunteer community leadership

For Curt that includes:

Our Culture of Learning

We have been on a DEI learning journey for a long time. In addition to our personal work, we have invited others into our learning through our Four Simple Words Forums. Thanks to our smart guests, we have gained insights and practical ideas to encourage leaders to build more equitable teams focused on impact, clarity and belonging. This learning has resulted in practical ways that we work with all our clients regardless of the topic includign our recognized and celebrated meeting acknowledgements that help us co-create authentic spaces of learning and curiosity.

How Can We Serve You?

Our DEI team has worked with large and small businesses, government, community groups and faith communities. We have experience (and even some success!) with

  • Starting DEI conversations with leadership teams worried or overwhelmed about where to begin
  • Responding to incidents of hate, discrimination or dispute
  • Creating employee resource groups that are empowered, competent and cohesive in the face of exclusion
  • Summer reading clubs or half day recharge retreats for your team to deepen their relationships with one another
  • Developing processes with teams to build a baseline understanding of how to strategically and tactically build cultures that embrace belonging
  • Creating and delivering training content (and evaluation check ins) to help move DEI policies forward

How can we be of service to your DEI journey? Lets book a 30 min Zoom to chat.

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519.580.9725 | [email protected] is the training and planning division of Pearl Street Communications Inc. Work agreements and invoices for DEI training and support will come from Pearl Street Communications Inc.

How can we be of service?

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