Facilitating Great Meetings & Process

We have facilitated thousands of meaningful processes (which can take hours or months) and meetings (which can be 30 minutes to multiple days). Regardless of what your success looks like, we will make sure your time, energy and resources stay focused on what you and your team want to accomplish. 

Focused on Outcomes

Great facilitation requires two simple and powerful tools. The first is clarity. Clarity on why people are giving up their time and energy to come together. And equally important, clarity on what success for the process or meeting looks like. 

The second trait of great facilitation is listening. As professional listeners, we create spaces where individuals, organizations and communities are comfortable so they can share what is important and truly hear one another. We also listen to what is really being said and follow the energy and (real) needs of the group.

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Keeping It Fun

We’re big fans of courageous conversations and think they are the key to helping organizations identify and resolve issues positively. When it comes to online or in-person meetings, we don’t like to sit for long and don’t ask our clients to do so either. Creativity, consensus and decision-making flow more naturally and result in better decisions when meetings involve a mix of individual, small and large group work.

Our thanks to Curt for his formidable facilitation skills and commitment as he helps us to build a brand new Guelph-based charity from scratch. His leadership of our planning sessions has given us purpose, direction, clarity and renewed passion and we are extremely grateful for that and for his very special talents. 

Peter Barrow, President
Recovery Speaking Initiative

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Our three most popular courses

DiSC Catalyst

Catalyst is the latest update of DiSC grounded in the same science and research as the original assessment. Fully accessible online, Catalyst has been designed through COVID to help in-person and virtual teams create engaged, collaborative and adaptive cultures.

The Power of Service

Our assessment tool for teams in progressive organizations interested in sustainable organizational growth. It is a tool to explore the power of service and start an engaging and courageous conversation about what your team is really in service to.

Start Your DEI Journey

A thoughtful and guided series of reflective training sessions that will empower your team to explore how and why you want to start a DEI conversation. Grounded in Maslow’s needs and best practice adult learning, our three learning streams will introduce you to ideas and practical learnings around The Circle of Trust, allyship, intersectionality and Indigeneity.

How can we be of service?

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