Everyone’s favourite Francis is turning 90

This damn pandemic means that we can’t gather as we did for 80 and 85 years to celebrate Frank’s life, laughter and sometimes inappropriate humour. So instead of inviting you to a party, we are asking you to share a Frankie story and pic we can give to him at a family gathering in November.

Three ways you can share a birthday message with Frank:

ONE: Use the form below to send a happy birthday message to Frank and we will put all your best wishes together and share them with him. And no, this is not a surprise. He’s too quick for us to get this past him without knowing. Thanks for sharing your stories by Nov 18/21

TWO: Trev found this really cool site called Tribute.co that collects video greetings and we have set up a page for Frankie. This looks like a fun and easy way to leave him a video message. (Heads up: it really wants you to sign through Facebook. If you don’t want to share that info with Zukerberg, look for the link below where you can sign up with your email). Click here to try it. Thanks for sharing your stories by Nov 18/21.

THREE: Frankie’s actual birthday is Friday, November 12 so in addition to sharing some memories below, he would love to hear from you on the day of. You can reach him with a call or text at 705.607.1007 or you can drop him an email at [email protected]. If you like your birthday greetings to arrive hard copy, you can reach him at: Frank Hammond, 25 Wellington Drive, Unit #219, Elora ON N0B 1S0

Share Your Frankie Memories

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Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 40 MB.

    Thanks for helping us celebrate the one and only Frankie!

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