Forum #7

Talking About Identity at Work

It is a talk we want to have and are afraid to start. How do we encourage authentic and meaningful conversations about identity as part of the need to build physical and virtual spaces where our team members feel seen, heard and empowered? Equally important we need to ensure these conversations support organizational goals and encourage team members to step into their own Service Leadership.

Curt and Marva will have an hour-long conversation about how we can bravely and authentically talk about identity in our workplaces and the leadership capacity it requires from individuals and our organizations. Marva will lead us into this courageous conversation and offer practical tools and suggestions from her years of consulting and leadership capacity building. Together with Marva, we will find ways to build organizational cultures that view conversations about identity as part of their commitment to healthy and results-driven teams. 

About Marva Wisdom | A Senior Fellow at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy and a Fellow of the Environics Institute of Survey Research, Marva Wisdom is a leading voice on empowering social change. She has been an advocate for social justice, equity, and inclusivity for decades. She has created a-ha learning moments at local, national, and international clients through keynote speeches, workshop facilitation and project research.

Marva’s photo courtesy of Chris Teissen, Toque Magazine.

Forum #8

Talking About Faith at Work

It is a talk we want to have and are afraid to start. How can businesses authentically understand and embrace the different religious identities of their staff? Our western culture teaches us that religion is private and that the politest thing we can do is not intrude and let them practice their beliefs. And yet data shows that as a significant tool for recruitment, retention and team effectiveness, conversations about religious and spiritual identities are a sign to staff and clients that you are building a people-first culture. 

Brian and Curt will have an hour-long conversation about why we don’t talk about religion at work and what it costs business in employee engagement, productivity, attracting and retaining top talent, authenticity for DEI initiatives, and effective decision-making. Brian will offer practical insights and tools from his experiences supporting businesses through Encounter World Religions. He will share language and inspiration that will allow us to start conversations about understanding and embracing religion in the workplace.

About Brian Carwana | Brian is the Executive Director of Encounter World Religions and the self-declared Religions Geek. His greatest passion is teaching about religion, ethno-religious diversity and what that diversity means in our modern workplaces, schools and societies. Over the past 20 years, through the various programs delivered by Encounter, Brian has helped thousands of people understand more about religious, spiritual and secular beliefs in ways that help them be better leaders, colleagues, and neighbours. 

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