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Our Four Simple Words Forum #2 with CV Harquail this week about the connections (and tensions) between feminism and servant leadership was brilliant for a number of reasons. The conversation really challenged a lot of my thinking about what feminism is, my role in it and being aware of the MANY barriers that people who don’t look like me face. Turns out, adding an equity lens to servant leadership may not be as simple as I thought (or wanted it to be). Upon reflection, I think we were circling around this idea of what ‘service’ is and how a servant leader does not have to (nor should they) give up a sense of self worth. Easy enough for me as the white middle class male. Not a lot to give up there to be honest. This gets much more complicated when your gender or culture has been expected or forced to serve from a place of inequity. I don’t have the answers to this one yet; nor will I soon. I will share that this learning journey that I am taking (and am so hearted to see others joining me on) is really starting to take shape and is an incredible gift.

You can watch the chat with CV here along with her slides which were very informative. I was also (happily) surprised to see the number of follow emails and comments I received after our session: this is an important conversation to a lot of people. CV’s book Feminism: A Key Idea has helped me expand my understanding of feminism and the important role that business can play in it.  You should check it out. Her Canadian references made my heart sing!

A quick Four Simple Words note: we doubled our attendance numbers for this Forum! The feedback we are getting on content and format is positive and helping us make these sessions better. #ThankYou. Make sure you are on our mailing list to get regular Four Simple Words updates: the sign up is right below. Plans are already in place for #3…

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  1. I am still mulling over much of what I heard. There was so much to chew on. I plan to re-watch so I can absorb more and I will definitely be picking up this book.

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