SERVICE LEADERSHIP is a new way of thinking about how we look after ourselves, support those around us and inspire meaningful change, all at the same time. For individuals it allows us to build win-win relationships grounded in equity. For organizations and systems, Service Leadership is a call to action to build cultures that are focused on truly understanding and meeting needs.

There are 3 steps to Service leadership:

  1. Self-awareness of what I can and cannot bring to the table. Understanding what makes me tick (and ticks me off!) is the first step to serving. To best manage my own needs, time, and energy, I need to be clear with myself on how much of each I can spare to genuinely help without losing myself in the process. 
  2. With me looked after, I can shift my focus outward and actively look for gaps and needs. This is the fun part of Service Leadership: I can explore, learn and co-create meaningful change. Thanks to the hard (and ongoing) work in Step #1, my offer of support is coming from a place of authentic desire to serve and an eagerness to see others succeed. Their success will be my success.
  3. Creating a transparent partnership between myself and the idea/person/organization I want to serve. This means that through conversation, listening and reflection, we understand how my time and skills can create positive impact. I am serving in a way that allows me to meet actual needs, not what I think they may be. Or even worse, what I want them to be. 

These initial ideas around Service Leadership are the result of 10 months of research, dialogue, thinking and input. And while we have had hundreds of voices contribute to our learning, we need more. We hope that you will share your thoughts on Service Leadership 1.0 and help us grow it into a leadership platform that is accessible for people from all corners of our community.

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