Board Training

We have designed dozens of board training programs on a wide range of topics including governance, generative thinking, and crisis management. This is an example of a training program we designed for a board to encourage and empower them to become more confident public representatives of their organization.

Project Goals

A series of facilitated micro-learning sessions including group and individual reflection to support personal board growth and increase the opportunities they can confidently promote the organization.

Learning & Leadership Outcomes

  • Increased confidence for individual board members so they feel empowered to  speak on behalf of the organization
  • Create a safe and engaging space where the board and staff can share and learn together and better understand individual comfort levels around connecting with audiences and asking for gifts.
  • Practical tools and confidence to help board members tell and sell the BBBSCW story

Training That Works

  • Pearl Street believes the most effective training occurs when it is:
  • based on assessed and perceived needs and targeted specifically to practical requirements
  • highly interactive and engaged, based on the core principles of adult learning known as Accelerated or SAVI (Somatic, Auditory, Visual and Intellectual) Learning.
  • built around real-life case studies, scenarios and examples that audiences can relate to and problem-solve.
  • designed with tools, tips and techniques that can be instantly transferred and used in the real-life business environment.
  • Follow up to ensure transfer and “stickability” have taken place.

Steps To Success

These simple and proven steps will help build a meaningful and effective training program. Specific project dates and deliverables will be confirmed at the project kick-off. This series of 4 micro-learning sessions will require 30 minutes of time before or during a regular board meeting and each will require follow up homework from board members.

#1: Assessment

Pearl Street creates a brief online survey for the board about their perceptions and needs around training for speaking on behalf of BBBSCW. Pearl Street will share a draft survey for BBBSCW to offer suggestions and input. When finalized, BBBSCW will send the link to all board members to fill in. Pearl Street will summarize the input and share a copy with the development committee who can share it with the board. 

After the survey results have been summarized, Pearl Street will meet virtually with the board development committee to finalize topics and learning goals. This training will be focused on the ‘how’ of storytelling rather than the why.

#2: Micro training X 4

Topics and content will be finalized based on input from the survey. Based on our initial conversations, we think these topics might interest the board. 

SESSION ONE: 30 min | Intro & Public speaking 101

  • Learning: 1) sharing our fears and excitement around speaking and 2) tricks and tips for speaking to groups in person and virtually
  • Homework: Personal reflections on shared public speakers

SESSION TWO | 30 min | My personal [your org name] story

  • Learning: How to craft a personal narrative around [your org name]
  • Homework: Using the supplied writing tool, craft key messages for a personal 5 min talk about [your org name]

SESSION THREE | 30 min | My [your org name] Story Round 1

  • Learning: Practice and embrace personal language that articulates the board’s passion for BBBSCW as each board member shares their My [your org name] Speech with the group
  • Homework: Each board member shares with Four Simple Words a rehearsed 90 – 120 second video talk about their passion for [your org name]. Four Simple Words will respond to each video with comments and tips for round two.

SESSION 4 | 45 min – 60 min |  My [your org name] Story Round 2

  • Learning: Practice and embrace personal language that articulates the board’s passion for [your org name] as each board member shares their speech with the group
  • Homework: Look for an opportunity before the summer to speak on behalf of the organization. 

#3 Evaluation

Pearl Street will share an evaluation survey with the board with similar questions from Step 1 to measure the impact of the training on board confidence, knowledge and overall preparation for speaking engagements. Pearl Street will summarize and share this feedback with the Development Committee. 

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