Digital tools like ChatGPT require a good understanding, practical skills, and a balanced approach. This course is designed to introduce ChatGPT newcomers to the platform using hands-on exercises, discussions, and reflective explorations to explore AI’s potential and ethical considerations.

This virtual course will be delivered in a single 3-hour session. Our course outline:

ChatGPT 101:

  • A brief overview of OpenAI, ChatGPT, and the fast-changing AI landscape.
  • What it is and an overview of the team and tech behind it.

Co-creating with ChatGPT:

  • Basic tasks and problem-solving with ChatGPT.
  • Customizing ChatGPT.
  • Building Your Promoting Skills
  • Evolving from writing to editing.

ChatGPT & Your sector

  • Discussions on how ChatGPT will impact your sector

Day Of Requirements

Participants will need

  • A computer with a keyboard and mouse and a stable/fast internet connection. This course has not been designed or tested on mobile platforms.
  • A working ChatGPT account. Curt and Sky will be using the paid version called Plus. Participants will be able to participate in most of the exercises with the free version. Participants must have access to their account BEFORE the course starts. 
  • Samples of your writing (such as longer emails, position papers or work plans) that you can cut and paste copy from.
  • A list of 2 or 3 work-related projects you would like to explore with ChatGPT. These could be reports you need to write, brainstorming you want to do around an opportunity or research for a new policy you wish to create. Pick 2 or 2 specific tasks that have been on your to-do list for a while.

Pre Session Learning

Please take time to read/watch these materials before our session starts.

This is an interview from the smart Adam Grant with two AI experts. It is from March 2023 which means it is feeling dated in terms of the tech. It is very informative about the roles that AI can/will play in our future and how the lines between AI and us will blur quickly. (a conversational AI in the voice of Ellyn Winters-Robinson a breast cancer survivor) is the future of interactive AI chats. If you have anyone in your world going through breast cancer this is a powerful tool to share with them. It also models what authentic and values-driven AI interactions can look like.

This story has some interesting background and insights on the PodCast AI For Humans.

Wired Magazine is awesome for many reasons including its great coverage of AI. Their October 2023 edition was dedicated to AI and has a deep-dive interview with Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI.

If you want a daily update on all things AI, we enjoy and learn a lot from the daily newsletter. Check out their content here.

Four Simple Words Training

As our organizations navigate the seismic shifts that have come from the pandemic, it is clear that ‘soft skills’ (how we work and collaborate with others) are no longer nice to have. As this Forbes article reminds us, they are in fact, critical to organizational survival. To deal with the scale and scope of change our teams are dealing with we need to embrace and celebrate growth mindsets. Our ‘learn and return’ approach to training supports behavioural change and culture shifts.

We have designed dozens of courses for adult learners and run thousands of training sessions. This course is just one of the many Four Simple Words offers for in-person or virtual training. 

Our training programs are ideal for teams of 8 – 15 and usually run 3 hours long. Most programs include a workbook we send ahead of time and encourage participants to make notes with. If meeting virtually, we include a free 10-minute Zoom prep before each session to ensure everyone is comfortable with the training technology. We promise the same fun and engaging learning experience we offer in person, all from the comfort of your virtual offices. #BringYourOwnCoffee

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