Community Engagement 101

Companies and organizations have a wide variety of tools to engage with the ratepayers and communities they serve. Using the right mix of communication tools to connect with customers, partners and community leaders is fundamental to a successful communications plan and organizational success. This course will help participants understand how marketing, public relations and community engagement are different yet equally important approaches to building relationships with community. 

Course Outline

1. The evolving community and how companies can adapt

2. Benefits, rewards and risks of community engagement 

3. Eight major impacts on the behavior and expectations of today’s customers and how to manage them

4. Four key strategies for creating and implementing an effective Community Engagement program

5. Key steps required to educate and motivate staff to be true LDC community ambassadors

Resource tools include: 

  • Benchmarks and examples of community engagement programs 
  • The IAP2 model of engagement and how it works
  • Case work involving “responsible” and “irresponsible” corporations 
  • Tip sheets on how to educate and motivate staff
  • Planning templates and exercises 

This fun and thought-provoking session will help participants recognize true community engagement and understand how — when done authentically – it can be a powerful tool for your SDG or ESG goals.

Four Simple Words Training

As our organizations navigate the seismic shifts that have come from the pandemic, it is clear that ‘soft skills’ (how we work and collaborate with others) are no longer nice to have. As this Forbes article reminds us, they are in fact, critical to organizational survival. To deal with the scale and scope of change our teams are dealing with we need to embrace and celebrate growth mindsets. Our ‘learn and return’ approach to training supports behavioural change and culture shifts.

We have designed dozens of courses for adult learners and run thousands of training sessions. This course is just one of the many Four Simple Words offers for in-person or virtual training. 

Our training programs are ideal for teams of 8 – 15 and usually run 3 hours long. Most programs include a workbook we send ahead of time and encourage participants to make notes with. If meeting virtually, we include a free 10-minute Zoom prep before each session to ensure everyone is comfortable with the training technology. We promise the same fun and engaging learning experience we offer in person, all from the comfort of your virtual offices. #BringYourOwnCoffee

All our programs are fully customizable to meet your specific learning or timing needs. Click here to book a time to explore how we can build a customized training program that will support your team’s success. 3 hours too long or not enough? Ask about our micro-training programs and our full-day retreats for board and staff teams.

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