We Love DiSC

Like good food and laughter, DiSC is best when it is shared with others. 

DiSC Catalyst is the latest version of DiSC grounded in the same science and research as the original assessment. Catalyst has been designed through COVID to help in-person and virtual teams create engaged, collaborative and adaptive cultures.

DiSC is easy to complete. After answering a series of questions that adapt and evolve based on your input, DiSC Catalyst generates a comprehensive and personalized report for each team member that shows behavioural styles, natural strengths and areas for growth. This practical and completely personalized information will give your team members instant and lasting impressions of themselves, empowering them to be stronger leaders and better communicators. Click here to see a sample DiSC Catalyst report.

Your team debrief with our skilled and certified DiSC facilitator will take place over three 90-minute sessions (or a one-time 3-hour session). Each session will focus on a different part of the report and will create space for conversations and reflections that will bring your team a new level of individual and collective self-awareness.

DiSC is also a powerful tool to start your DEI conversations. As a way to better understand ourselves, DiSC allows individuals to reflect on our own unique strengths, weaknesses and express how we want to be acknowledged and heard. The authenticity and understanding that comes from this collective reflection allows teams to share their wonders and worries about DEI through a common language. All DEI journeys start with finding proximity and DiSC is an extremely effective way to allow your team to connect in a way that will improve your communications, clarify goals and humanize your DEI explorations.

Included in your report will be Agile EQ, which adds a new layer of awareness and insights to the DISC experience. This new module has been designed to help participants better understand the emotional intelligence (EQ) needed to thrive in the constant change LDC teams are dealing with. This report will clearly outline each participant’s EQ strengths, areas of growth and specific strategies.

Catalyst is more than just a paper report. In addition to downloading a PDF version of their report, each team member will have access to a secure online portal that includes deeper learnings, the ability to create comparison reports with other team members and a team view that describes your team culture. This portal brings your DiSC learning to life and lets your team refer back to their report in an easy and convenient way.

Consider DiSC if your team is

  • Looking for a fun and impactful team-building session
  • Has acknowledged the need for greater collaboration
  • Welcoming a new team member
  • Ready to start working on specific learning objectives (such as collaboration, delegation or risk management)
  • Starting a large or new all-consuming project

This session requires an online assessment to be completed by every team member at least 72 business hours before the session. Participants will receive a customized link after registering. Click here to book a complimentary 15-minute session with our certified DiSC facilitator to explore how DiSC Catalyst can help your team grow. 

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