The Power of Service Team Assessment

For all its hardships and challenges, COVID has been an opportunity to look differently at how our organizations work. This course invites us to learn about a simple and eloquent tool that directly supports organizational success: the power of service. Embracing the concept of serving others can bring about real and permanent change that today’s customers and employees are demanding. 

The Power of Service is an assessment tool for teams in progressive organizations (including BCorps, coops and those measuring their environmental, social and governance impact) interested in sustainable organizational growth. It is a tool to explore the power of service and have a fun and courageous conversation about what your team is really in service to.

Cultures that focus on service benefit from:

  • Increased top-line growth by using language that communicates organizational values to consumers/funders
  • Strengthened team communications and increased staff retention (especially with Gen Y and Gen Z team members)
  • Practical and meaningful ways to support mental health conversations and programs

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn how self-care and intentionality have a direct impact on corporate financial, economic and environmental success. 
  2. Steps to empower your team to clarify organizational purpose, improve shareholder value and embrace the benefits of service
  3. Explore tools that build cultures of service to support sustainable growth in a post-COVID world

Designed For Teams

The Power of Service has been designed for existing teams who are ready to increase their success through a purpose-driven lens. This session will help leaders at all levels think about the power of service and how it can drive triple-bottom-line impact. Fees include a 30 min pre-session planning call with team leadership, a 15-minute online assessment for every team member, a personalized report for up to 12 participants and a customized 3-hour IRL or Zoom debrief and training session.

This engaging session will explore:

  • Why self-awareness is the first step to meeting organizational goals
  • How to see and acknowledge individual and organizational gaps that are risks to your KPI’s
  • How to create transparent partnerships that build cultures of service without losing sight of economic, social and environmental goals

How can we be of service?

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