Happy International Women’s Day 2020

March 8 is International Women’s Day. It’s also my 50th birthday. Can’t imagine a better day to launch FourSimpleWords.ca.

At this halfway point in what is a pretty spectacular and blessed life. Between Mel, the kids and our extended families, an amazing network of friends, working with great staff, partners and clients at Pearl Street, supporting and leading many change-making organizations and living in a great community, my blessings are beyond countable. Plus, there is that innate sense of rhythm that clears a dance floor…

While FourSimpleWords.ca is more Curt than I am used to sharing, it is the next step on my leadership journey. After many years of coaching and encouraging others, this site is part of my personal effort to keep stretching and creating real change-making. I am launching foursimplewords.ca because I think — in fact, I know — its time that we encourage one another to ask “Who did you serve today?’ as naturally as we would ask “How was your day?” Our homes, communities and places of work are in desperate need of more giving, listening and encouragement. I can’t think of a better gift in my 50th year than playing a teeny-tiny role helping to empower others to make the world be more welcoming, inclusive and solutions focused. 

So in 2020, I am inviting you to 

  1. Follow my journey of exploring servant leadership on my blog and social #HashTagFun
  2. Learn more about servant leadership #FreeLearning
  3. Be a servant leader #TryItYoullLikeIt

It is my growing and burning hope that each of us can follow Elsie’s advice and remember it’s not about me. Each of us has the power and skills to use servant leadership to make positive and meaningful change in ourselves, our families, where we work and where we live. Click here to see how. 

How can we be of service?

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