It’s Not About Me.

Years ago my grandmother Elsie shared these four simple words with me. Her wisdom changed how I raised my kids, served my community and built a quasi-successful career. They have also guided the thousands of training, coaching and facilitation projects I have has the honour of being a part of. 

Thanks to Elsie, I have seen the future and it is demanding we embrace the power of service as a way to heal ourselves, build sustainable teams and solve our 21st-century challenges.

Join a movement to embrace and celebrate service.


Our in-person and virtual training programs are designed to teach, inspire and change behaviour and mindsets.


Our 1:1 coaching sessions are deep and personal dives to explore how service can expand your leadership and impact.


Meetings and processes with outcome-focused facilitation empower real and long-term impact.

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Our most popular courses

DiSC Catalyst

Catalyst is the latest update of DiSC grounded in the same science and research as the original assessment. Fully accessible online, Catalyst has been designed through COVID to help in-person and virtual teams create engaged, collaborative and adaptive cultures.

The Power of Service

Our assessment tool for teams in progressive organizations interested in sustainable organizational growth. It is a tool to explore the power of service and start an engaging and courageous conversation about what your team is really in service to.

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Service Leadership

A leadership platform for a modern, equitable and sustainable world. Service Leadership is a new way of thinking about how we look after ourselves, support those around us and inspire meaningful change. All at the same time.

Curt’s Leadership Writing

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