Serving One Another Online

This week was filled with Zoom meetings. From hardly using the platform 3 weeks ago to now running my day, I have to say it is a great tool. Privacy issues aside (yes IT friends, that is a big aside) Zoom is allowing me to serve clients, expand my volunteering in creative ways, check-in with friends and family and even go to church from our kitchen table. Full disclosure: our made-at-home Grosche coffee is SO much better.

All this online facilitating and talking has me reflecting on how we serve one another when we are only connecting through a screen or phone. Servant leadership isn’t just a IRL activity. During a couple of my check-in calls this week I was reminded that tech can’t be a barrier to my servant leadership. Especially now. 

It got me thinking who can I chat with this about? That question and a kick-in-the-ass from a good friend have turned into the first Four Simple Words Forum this Thursday at 11 am. I’m inviting you to a Zoom conversation about how we practise servant leadership while #WFH. Registration is limited (so we can practice our Zoom meeting skills) and I’m very excited to host this conversation.

Lucky for you, two super-smart friends are able to join us. I’ve known Glenna Banda (currently the executive director at AgScape) for years and am a big, big fan. She is a natural servant leader and builds high-performing teams from a place of humility and strength. Melanie Lang (Executive Director, John F. Wood Centre for Business and Student Enterprise, University of Guelph) is another superstar and that I have crossed paths with through Pearl Street and community leadership projects. As a generous great networker, Melanie is heavily involved in lots of impactful projects on and off-campus. Both Melanie and Glenna’s teams have started working from home over the past few weeks. 

Our conversation will be focused on learnings we can all use right away and how we can grow as online servant leaders. I know Melanie and Glenna will have great insights to share and I’m grateful they are taking time to jump on this Zoom with us. I hope you will do the same. Sign up for our first FSW Form here and I hope to Zoom you soon.

How can we be of service?

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